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St Mary Magdalene Church in Gorleston has reached the finals of the National Church awards 2022, in the category for Church and Community Volunteers
Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 02/10/2022
Heavenly Father, as I started my walk yesterday I said to You that I was going to continue praying the same 'ask and imagine' prayer I have been praying recently. I then prayed, "Is that too much to ask?" More ...
SIMON WARD 12-2018
From the Rectory October 2022
Yesterday in the Minster someone asked me if I am feeling nervous about running the London Marathon in what is now under three weeks’ time. I explained I believe I am nervous because during the night I had lain awake thinking about it; More ...
YMCA Norfolk to appoint two new directors 
YMCA Norfolk is looking for two new directors to enable it to grow its provision of accommodation alongside its Early Years and communities work More ...
YMCA Norfolk needs Executive Assistant and Social Media Officer
YMCA Norfolk is looking for an Executive Assistant to join its corporate team and a Social Media and Communications Officer. Both posts are Norwich-based More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Rev Elizabeth Stoner 23/09/2022
I can’t say that I particularly enjoy litter picks. I like things neat and tidy so consciously going to a place that needs cleaning is not really my idea of fun (though I do enjoy the aftereffects) More ...
All Saints Church, Belton, commemorates the late Queen's funeral
The bell tolled at All Saint's Church Belton, between 10 and 11am on the morning of Her Majesty the late Queen Elizabeth II's funeral More ...
Winter Warmer
Andrew Frere-Smith wonders each day how much longer this glorious weather will continue More ...
Join Yarmouth prayer zoom for schools
The Identity Youth Project, which covers Yarmouth and Gorleston, is hosting a prayer gathering via Zoom this Thursday to mark National Prayer for Schools Day, and all are welcome to join the gathering More ...
Park Baptist Church commissions member to serve in Estonia
On Saturday evening a special service was held at Park Baptist Church to commission Nigel Parrott to service for God in Estonia. It marked the climax of seven years thought, prayer, and preparation; from what he thought of as a chance remark More ...
Queen Elizabeth II (copyright
The Queen – a monarch who proclaimed her faith
As we reflect on the state funeral of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, John Kuhrt reminds us how much she proclaimed her Christian faith in her Christmas messages to the nation More ...
Stalham Baptist Church concert was cancelled
The concert by Christian band Out of Egypt at Stalham Baptist Church last Saturday was cancelled owing to the sad news of the death of Her Majesty the Queen More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Daniel Pritchard 16/09/2022
I am sure, like me, you have struggled in recent weeks to keep your home cool. When should I close the windows, draw the curtains, keep the heat of the sun out? When should I throw them open again, in the hope that a breeze might lower the temperature? More ...
Queen Elizabeth II in March 20
Norfolk church leaders pay tribute to the Queen
Church leaders across Norfolk have started paying their tributes to Queen Elizabeth II and churches across the county are expected to open their doors on Friday for people to offer prayers and ring their bells in tribute at 12 noon for an hour More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Dr David Watson 09/09/2022
When I was a boy, camping in Cornwall, I lay on the grass and looked up at a myriad of stars and wondered More ...
News from the Mag September 2022
One of the highlights for me each year – and it was especially good for it to be back in 2022 after the pandemic – is the Out There Festival which takes place each September in Great Yarmouth More ...
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S September 2022
During the summer months I guess that many of us will have attended a wedding. But marriage and family life are under so much threat today. The statistics are frightening for the future health and stability of our society More ...
Prayer Corner September 2022
Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. It can be out loud or in your head and heart, it can be about whatever you want it to be and you can pray whenever and wherever you want to, God is always listening More ...
Christian Unity in Gorleston, Bradwell, and Beyond
The new church in Bradwell, the Elim Pentecostal, was recently a big hit at the Gorleston Cliff Top Festival, where they gave away hundreds of children’s Bible story books and sweets. Many people also came to the stall to ask for small wooden crosses More ...
In The Interregnum September 2022
“Lord, teach us to pray.” Such was the request the disciples made to Jesus on one occasion, after they had watched him at prayer. Prayer remains perhaps the greatest mystery in which the human being can participate More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Donna Dodson 02/09/2022
Not all super-heroes wear capes; not all angels wear wings; not all saints have halos. There is a sentence in the Bible that encourages people to be hospitable to strangers because they could turn out to be angels More ...
From the Rectory September 2022
Dr Davies and I spent a fascinating and merry hour pondering registers in the Minster vestry. There were entries dating back to the late 1800s detailing the various hatching, matching and dispatching activities of our parish; many names lost now More ...
Rev Rosie writes more about prayer
We live in troubling times, when many of us have real concerns about our lives. It is often in the difficult times that we turn to prayer. Someone recently said to me that they pray to God because “where else can I turn” More ...
Viewpoint from Revd David Wells 26/08/2022
In Caister this summer we had our first Messy Church, held over a week in a marquee in the playing field, and drawing dozens of children with their mums, dads, grans, etc to take part in bible-themed creative activities, to sing songs and share prayers, More ...
Bringing warmth and light into the gloom
Andrew Frere Smith wonders whether our church premises could be used even more to bring some warmth and light into people’s lives during the coming winter More ...
Parking issues could lead to closure of Great Yarmouth church
New Bishop’s Adviser for Urban and Estates Ministry appointed
New minister for Salvation Army in Beccles
Viewpoint from Rev Rosie Bunn 19/08/2022
A chance to have your say on Norfolk churches  
Viewpoint from Rev Steve Deall 12/08/2022
Viewpoint from Andrew Cudjoe 05/08/2022
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S August 2022
Prayer Corner August 2022
News from the Mag August 2022
In The Interregnum August 2022
Thriving youth outreach in Gorleston area
From the Rectory August 2022
A royal wedding 
Viewpoint from Rev Mike Flynn 29/07/2022
Rev Rosie writes about prayer
Moorlands Primary raises over £850 for local foodbanks
Viewpoint from Rev Matthew Price 22/07/2022
Helicopter crash victims remembered 20 years on from tragedy
Bishop to sail to open air St Benet’s Abbey service
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