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Matthew Price, a former London solicitor whose work for city businesses involved deals worth over a million pounds, has officially become the new vicar of St Mary Magdalene in Gorleston
Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 20/10/2019
Heavenly Father, doing what is right is not always easy, in fact I think it is never easy, in fact I think it is always costly.When You decided the time was right to put things right between us and You, time to restore our relationship and reopen the door More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Carolyn Cliff 18/10/2019
I am a teaching assistant, a third-year degree student, and a Reader. At school we support the children’s learning and behaviour with three words to capture all the rules: ‘Ready’, ‘Respectful’, ‘Safe’ More ...
Challenge to Gorleston to join in the 'Nation's Toast' 
Bruno Peek tells us about the nation's toast to the heroes of World War 2 to be held on 28th May 2020 at 3pm on the 75th anniversary of VE Day More ...
Fish and Chip Supper at Christ Church, Lowestoft
As part of the 150th Anniversary, there will be a fish and chips supper with entertainment from “The Rogues Shanty Chorus”. Phil Moon will share a short gospel message More ...
Gala organ recital and question session
From organ pipes to the circus ring. Paul Winston, former Minster sub organist performs with Zippo Circus ringmaster More ...
There are No Ordinary People
Christian speaker and author, Jeff Lucas, will present an unforgettable evening of storytelling, theatre, music, and mirth at St Andrew’s Church in Gorleston More ...
Video showing of St Peter's Wizard of Oz panto
Back in 1990 St Peter’s parishioners and choir got together to put on a pantomime of The Wizard of Oz. Many of St Peter’s children were Munchkins and Jitterbugs. We all had lots of fun, and the hall was full each night More ...
Christmas tree and crib festival at the Minster 
Vote for the best tree, hunt the snowman competition, and refreshments. If you wish to exhibit, act now More ...
LIGHT Party 10-2019
Light party at All Saints Church, Belton 
With Halloween becoming a bigger phenomenon in the UK each year, many churches are choosing to host a Light Party at the end of October, offering children a fun, spook-free alternative to trick or treating More ...
Christmas tree festival in Gorleston
Advance notice. Pay £5, bring and decorate a tree (real, fake, or even homemade), and we'll put a charity bucket underneath it to raise money for the charity of your choice More ...
Herring supper at the Minster 
Do come along and join us for this annual event. In aid of the organ at the Minster More ...
Kingsgate is holding a Neon Kids Party 
With Halloween becoming a bigger phenomenon in the UK each year, many churches are choosing to host a Light Party at the end of October, offering children a fun, spook-free alternative to trick or treating More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Alison McTaggart 11/10/2019
Do you ever get that feeling we are hurtling through the year at breakneck speed? What happened to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer? There is a definite autumnal feel in the air. The cooler nights are here and some of us have even had a fire! More ...
'It's a big celebration' - Best of Norfolk hospital celebrated at glitzy awards bash
The chaplaincy team wins the Paget's Remarkable People Award for Team of the Year (non clinical) More ...
The Rockin' Rev October 2019
Teddington UK, southwest London, Bushy Park, 13 runners, 3 volunteers, a stopwatch, some washers from the local hardware store and a piece of paper. Then it was off to the cafe for a chat More ...
Opening THE Book 17 with Rev John K-S
Can we trust what the Bible says about Jesus? The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) which tell the story of Jesus’ life and which contain his teaching, are eye­witness accounts and were written within a generation of Jesus’ death More ...
New evening worship at Light of Life Church
Light of Life has started a monthly Evening Worship session on the third Sunday of each month. With contemporary music in a chilled out atmosphere More ...
Magical musical moments at the Minster 
Songs for musicals, popular Gilbert and Sullivan choruses, barbershop items, well-known theme tunes, etc More ...
News from St Mary Magdalene Church
Viewpoint from Matt Ashpole 04/10/2019
Great Yarmouth Minster invites you to Footprints 
Norfolk Christians take part in Coastal Prayer Chain
From Rev Helen Lynch October 2019
Greetings from Nancy October 2019
Free family fun at Great Yarmouth Minster 
Ladies Healing Day Conference at Gorleston Baptist Church
CAP needs your prayers
Bishop of Norwich's plea to MPs over Brexit debate
ENYFC update for October 2019
New Bishop visits Belton school, Gorleston church, and Caister lifeboat
Viewpoint from Tony Mallion 27/09/2019
Is the message of Jesus relevant in 2019?
Gorleston church celebrates ten years of drop-in lunch
Award Presentation to Revd Peter Paine
Pilgrimage in honour of St Fursey 
Welcome Service for the Bishop of Norwich in Great Yarmouth
Viewpoint from Revd Canon Nick Garrard 20/09/2019
He will wipe away every tear
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Share-a-Prayer for Brexit vote 15/01/2019
'It's a big celebration' - Best of Norfolk hospital celebrated at glitzy awards bash
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He will wipe away every tear
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Viewpoint from Revd Canon Nick Garrard 20/09/2019
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