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As we all know, lots of people will be finding keeping their homes warm difficult as the weather gets colder. So every Friday until the end of March we will be open to offer a warm welcome, from 10am to 2pm and be offering hot drinks, toast and toppings
What it's like to be truly starving
Andrew Frere-Smith describes what it's like to be truly starving and how we can help those who are More ...
GYSC logo
Christmas Presents for Seafarers 
Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre is looking for donations to give our visiting seafarers Christmas presents as they are so far away from home More ...
Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 04/12/2022
Heavenly Father, I was driving along a narrow country road a couple of days ago and as I approached a junction to turn right a car came from the opposite direction and turned left into the junction in front of me More ...
Pathway Reverse Advent Calendar
As we enter the festive period and come towards the end of another busy year, I thought now was a good time to give everyone in the Parish an update on the work that Great Yarmouth Pathway has been doing and our current position More ...
christmas-tree-crib 10-12-2022
Minster Christmas tree and crib
Our wonderful 2022 Christmas Tree and Crib Festival takes place from Saturday 10th to Saturday 17th December 10am-3pm in the Minster More ...
gy brass band 01
An evening of wonderful music
Great Yarmouth Brass Band will be playing a concert at Gorleston Baptist Church to raise funds for the band and Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre More ...
Help deliver the Good News this Christmas
The Christmas edition of popular Christian newspaper Good News for Norwich and Norfolk, containing stories from across the local Christian community, has just been published online and help is needed to deliver some copies More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Jo Wood 25/11/2022
As I write, the COP27 climate conference, hosted this year by Egypt, is about half way through. World leaders are discussing their commitments to reducing carbon emissions as well as to supporting those nations most impacted by the changing climate More ...
ludham church concert 750AT
Broadland churches’ music group special concert
A thriving music group made up from three parishes in an East Norfolk benefice took part in a special concert to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams More ...
Tony Rothe
Catastrophes are happening now
The catastrophes happening in the world attributed to Global warming!! Flooding, if you really examine the evidence, you will see that global warming is not in many cases the primary cause; it is humans who have changed the landscape, More ...
Inclusive Church Coffee and Cake
Parish of Great Yarmouth Inclusive Church Group will be holding a Coffee and Cake morning every 1st Saturday of the month at the Minster More ...
Yarmouth homeless charity enlarges its vision
The Living Room charity in Great Yarmouth is expanding the services it provides to homeless people in the borough, and is asking for the support from the local community More ...
50/50 Club November 2022 draw winner announced
Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre's November draw was conducted by Mr D Ashton, and the lucky winner is ..... More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Jane Walters 18/11/2022
Doesn’t it make a difference to our view of the world when the clocks go back! Our gradual step-by-step progression into autumn plummets into what can seem the sharp slide into winter. I’m writing this on a particularly dreary afternoon More ...
How can we help feed those in need?
Andrew Frere-Smith reminds us of the importance of meals, and offers us some food for thought as the rising cost of living impacts our communities More ...
How can you help The Living Room? 
Since Covid-19 pandemic there has been a lot less demand for the traditional 'night-shelter' services which The Living Room previously provided. This has largely been due to the council receiving funding to provide emergency accommodation for more people More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Sue Upton 11/11/2022
We begin with Bonfire Night. But the problem is that we don’t remember particularly well the social and political unrest that led to the desperate measure of the Gunpowder Plot. Our fireworks are as much a symbol of that pain as the poppies are a symbol More ...
Salvation Army’s new Christmas Appeal in Norfolk
The Salvation Army has launched their new Christmas appeal across Norfolk which, this year, has evolved from the much-loved Toys and Tins appeal More ...
Lowestoft Christians launch on-line bible helps app
The Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth branch of Good News for Everyone (GNFE), formerly the Gideons, have introduced a new mobile phone app called On-line Bible Helps More ...
Are we storing up treasures on earth?
Rising prices affect us all, and Anna Heydon urges us to spare a thought for those who will be struggling with the cost of living this winter More ...
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S November 2022
As we have learnt, the Bible consists of two halves: the Old Testament and the New Testament. (These words also mean Old and New “Covenant”, important concepts we shall explore on another occasion). The Old Testament contains thirtynine books and historic More ...
News from the Mag November 2022
November brings around a season of Remembrance. On Remembrance Sunday itself (this year on 13th November) the local focus will be on the war memorial in St George’s Park in Great Yarmouth. There the borough ceremony will take place with local dignitaries More ...
Viewpoint from Pat Stringer 04/11/2022
God’s creation is beautiful, in many different ways in every season of the year. We have now moved from the blue skies and sunny days of summer into the “Mists and mellow fruitfulness” of autumn; an ode to autumn famously written by John Keats, More ...
In The Interregnum November 2022
“Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason, and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot”. November is a month for remembering. It begins and ends in sombre mood, reflecting the season. More ...
Prayer Corner November 2022
Thoughts of a Team Vicar 
Rev Rosie writes about November
Viewpoint from Richard Ferrari 28/10/2022
'Hard times ahead' - Foodbank's warning as warehouse opened due to demand
Emily’s art boosts growing Yarmouth foodbank
Cost of Living
What it means for us to repent
Viewpoint from Colin Wooden 21/10/2022
Farewell as Yarmouth church leader moves on
Christian speaker visits Norfolk and Waveney
Viewpoint from Anna Heydon 14/10/2022
Watch out for unguarded sparks!
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S October 2022
News from the Mag October 2022
Prayer Corner October 2022
Viewpoint from Matt Ashpole 07/10/2022
Rev Rosie writes about bereavement
Gravestones in the floor at the Minster
An Evening of Fellowship and Refreshment for Church Leaders
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Catastrophes are happening now
Inclusive Church Coffee and Cake
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Viewpoint from Richard Ferrari 28/10/2022
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