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Viewpoint from Richard Ferrari  28/10/2022

FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS 10-2022Richard Ferrari
Great Yarmouth Healing Rooms
Bradwell Pentecostal Church


Following your dreams


 I was recently very inspired with a TV documentary by Ben Fogle where he went to see retired Scottish home economics teacher Susan Aitchison who has built and runs the Ben Abeba restaurant on a mountain in rural Ethiopia
It was so wonderful to see someone who is using their later life to pass on catering and life skills in such a unique and beautiful environment and do something so creative and fun
dove leftI was truly astounded at the choices of this apparently really quite ordinary woman who unexpectedly parachuted herself into the middle of an ancient Coptic Christian community. In the documentary she describes herself as not a religious person, but yet she is joining in to a strong faith community where she obviously feels that she now fits in
All this the result of a decision some years ago to retire a bit early and teach in an Ethiopian school for a short time. Now she employs 50 Ethiopians and creates traditional cuisine for tourists and backpackers visiting the ancient rock hewn Churches and local scenery. What it shows is what can come out of following a dream. Who hasn’t had those ideas about what they would like to do in terms of their life, and yet shrugged those things off as too risky and settled for the routine?
God sometimes is very unexpected in what He would like us to do. He put’s deep desires within us, which we might think are crazy. Religion has nothing to do with it, but possibilities have always tugged at the heart of the Brit who might become one of life’s wild adventurers. Are you one of those people?



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Peter Gray-Read (Guest) 31/10/2021 21:23
Great initiative Richard - you didn't tell them that the cross walk was a great opportunity to discover likely recipients - I forgive you, brother...
michael clarke (Guest) 31/10/2022 06:22
As has been said .We use our God given talents for the glory of God and for the good of people