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The Queen – a monarch who proclaimed her faith

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Queen Elizabeth II (copyright
The Queen – a monarch who proclaimed her faith

As we reflect on the state funeral of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, John Kuhrt reminds us how much she proclaimed her Christian faith in her Christmas messages to the nation

One of the most interesting developments in the Queen’s communication in recent years has been her increasing openness about her Christian faith. In her Christmas message, often the most watched single programme over Christmas, she has shared her beliefs to the widest possible audience

I think she has been Britain’s best public theologian for these 4 reasons:

She speaks personally
“For me, the life of Jesus Christ, the prince of peace, whose birth we celebrate today, is an inspiration and an anchor in my life.” (2014)
“It is my prayer this Christmas Day that Jesus’ example and teaching will continue to bring people together to give the best of themselves in the service of others.” (2012)

No one had a more public role than the Queen, but she was markedly personal in the way she talked about her faith. She continually used words like ‘for me’; ‘my life’ and ‘my prayer’. Like all personal testimony, this is powerful and induces respect in those listening. It is in contrast to sharing bland platitudes about ‘Christian values’

She focuses on the person of Jesus
“This is the time of year when we remember that God sent his only son ‘to serve, not to be served’. He restored love and service to the centre of our lives in the person of Jesus Christ.” (2012)
“God sent into the world a unique person – neither a philosopher nor a general…but a Saviour, with the power to forgive” (2011)

It would be easy for someone in her position to offer an anodyne message about thinking of others and being kind. But the Queen has been unabashed about talking directly about the example and achievement of the person at the heart of the Christian faith

She speaks inclusively
“The Christmas message shows us that this love is for everyone. There is no one beyond its reach” (2013)
“Christ’s example has taught me to seek to respect and value all people, of whatever faith or none” (2014)

Obviously the Queen was Head of State for a very diverse group of people. And consistently, the Queen emphasised that God’s love is for all people and that believing in this love should drive us to respect and value everyone, whatever they believe.  It is the opposite to the kind of faith which seeks to silence and destroy those who are different

She speaks about faith in action
 “Reflection, meditation and prayer help us to renew ourselves in God’s love, as we strive daily to become better people.” (2013)
“Forgiveness lies at the heart of the Christian faith. It can heal broken families, it can restore friendships and it can reconcile divided communities. It is in forgiveness that we feel the power of God’s love.” (2011)

Anyone speaking effectively about faith today cannot do so by just speaking about abstract beliefs – they need to make the connection to what faith does. The Queen refers to the reconciliation, service and love which flows from Christian commitment. It emphasises that faith must make a difference to how we live – it must be a force which helps us become ‘better people’

Clarity and confidence
Many people have misgivings about the opulence and inherited privilege bound up with the Royal Family. But many royal-sceptics also have deep respect for the way the Queen has conducted herself. And what I have most admired about the Queen is her willingness to express her faith with such clarity and confidence in the public sphere. Too often, ‘God-talk’ is considered private or hidden away within books or purely religious environments

In speaking personally, focussing on Jesus, being inclusive and connecting faith to action, she has been the best public theologian we have had. And what is more, she has lived out her faith through her example of commitment and duty

May she Rest In Peace and Rise In Glory
First published in Jon Kuhrt's blog Grace and Truth

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Jon Kuhrt has worked with people affected by homelessness and poverty for 25 years. He is a former CEO of West London Mission and is now a government adviser focusing on how faith and community groups address rough sleeping.

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