Salvation Army’s new Christmas Appeal in Norfolk

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Salvation Army’s new Christmas Appeal in Norfolk

The Salvation Army has launched their new Christmas appeal across Norfolk which, this year, has evolved from the much-loved Toys and Tins appeal

For more than 30 years, The Salvation Army has been transforming lives across Norfolk through The Toys & Tins Appeal but, this year, the church and charity in the county is exploring new ways to meet the needs of those they are seeking to help, and Toys & Tins is changing. Salvation Army leaders in the county are calling on members of the public to support the church and charity’s Christmas Present Appeal
Every year, The Salvation Army meets hundreds of distressed parents facing the prospect of their children having nothing to open on Christmas Day. The church and charity is concerned that the cost of living crisis will mean even more families struggling to pay for the basics over Christmas. The Christmas story inspires The Salvation Army to care for people in need throughout the year and especially during the festive period
Major Howard Russell, Salvation Army leader in Norfolk, said he was sure support for the Present Appeal would be as strong as the support for Toys and Tins. He said, “We are asking people to donate to our Present Appeal so we can spread the joy of Christmas to families whose children would otherwise not receive a gift. This year, we are expecting the number of families requesting help to rise as a result of the cost of living crisis
“Please support our Christmas Present Appeal to help ensure vulnerable children in Norfolk will have presents to open on Christmas day. Your financial donations will help us to continue this valuable work this Christmas” 
The Salvation Army works with local agencies to reach people in need of support. Families and individuals can be referred or refer themselves to the appeal, and The Salvation Army arranges for appropriate parcels of toys or vouchers to be delivered
To donate to The Christmas Present Appeal, click here

The image is courtesy of the Salvation Army

Tony Rothe, 10/11/2022

Reproduced from the Network Norfolk website. Used with permission.