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Great Yarmouth and Waveney Pride: a reflection by Pam Spychal 

PRIDE FLAG 09-2022Saturday 3rd September was a day of contrasts

Beginning with some hard work, we spent some time making sure the Minster was ready to be the GYW Pride’s Quiet Space. Flags, balloons, and posters outside, ensured we were visible to passers-by. Books, leaflets, a prayer tree, and of course coffee and cake inside, ensured a welcoming environment
Being part of the March, with our new GY Parish Pride banner, was a joyous experience. We met up with people from the Magdalen Way Methodist Church, making the most of our Christian presence. We were surrounded, of course, by every colour of the rainbow. There was lots of noise, with whistles, car horns, chanting and cheers, but everyone was friendly and kind. It was a warm day, so we were quite exhausted when we reached Stonecutters Way, the venue for the street party
It was a bit of a relief to leave the revellers there and head back to the cool, calm and quiet of the Minster. Never had coffee and cake tasted so good! There was a steady trickle of people visiting the Quiet Place for the remainder of the day – some were Pride-goers, looking for respite from the razzmatazz, others were parishioners, lending support to our efforts and other were visitors, including a number of families (I think the children were attracted by the balloons on the gate!)
Sadly, 3rd September, will also be remembered for incidents of homophobia. A teenage boy was attacked on his way home from the event. A young person, wearing a pride flag, walked into the Minster in tears after listening to abusive shouting on the Market Place
So glad we were there for this young person. Our prayers are with them
courtesy of Parish Life


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