Christian Motorcyclists Association in Norfolk

CMALogoThe Christian Motorcyclists Association is a world-wide outreach organisation, with members belonging to the whole variety of denominations.

The CMA was formed 26 years ago with the view of outreach to other bikers, who we would call the 1% 'ers.

They are clubs where God, Church and anything remotely connected to it, is often the last thing they would get involved in.

So we take the church to them at many different venues, from shows to fetes, to huge big events, to rallies, to anything to do or where bikes are involved. We often take a Holy Joe's Cafe as well plus Helmet Parks.

In our normal day jobs, we do the same as any Christian, when the opportunity comes along, but with the CMA we aim at the bikers.

The Norfolk CMA branch would like to meet other Christians from the wide variety of churches.

We have over 30 branches nationwide. We also welcome non christian who would like to ride with us but maybe do not go to church but feel led to this type of group you would be most welcome.

We are active in all areas where motorcyclists gather, from major rallies to small pub biker nights.

The Norfolk branch meet the first Tuesday of the month in Norwich, from 7pm till 9.30pm (ish).

You do not have to own a motorbike or even ride them but look at the outreach work we do for the Lord.

Your support would be most welcome. Commitment to the CMA is as you are able as many of us lead very busy lives.

For more information phone Ken Hardy on 01603 495277 or mob 07796164031or look at the Norfolk branch on the web site

Ken Hardy

Norfolk Secretary and Editor of the Chainlink magazine (see web or contact Ken for a copy)

ken hardy, 22/12/2006

Reproduced from the Network Norfolk website. Used with permission.