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The Rockin' Rev May 2021

ROCKIN REVGrief: personal and public

The restrictions put into place during the coronavirus pandemic have been constantly changing, through three lockdowns and periods of opening up
The pandemic has made things hard for everyone in many different ways, but it has been especially hard for those who have been grieving the death of a family member or a friend
Among the many issues there have been restrictions on how funeral services are held and how many people can attend, whether that be at a crematorium or a church building
Many people haven’t been able to say goodbye in a way they either wanted or expected. This has been a very distressing reality for thousands of people around the UK at a time when around 50,000 deaths have been recorded each month
In addition to the many cases of personal grief there has also been a period of national grief following the death of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of ninety-nine
Despite his many achievements and wide-ranging influence on the lives of countless people, Prince Philip was reported to have requested a funeral of minimal fuss. Neither did he lie in state, so that members of the public would have been able to view his coffin
A funeral service can help us begin to truly acknowledge the reality that someone in our life has died
A funeral service can encourage us to remember the person who died and share our unique memories with others, creating hope for the future
A funeral service brings together people who care about each other in an atmosphere of love, comfort, and support
A funeral service can mark the significance of the life that was lived. They also help us find meaning and purpose in our continued living, even in the face of loss
Ultimately, a funeral service gives us an opportunity to reflect on life and death, and to perhaps ponder our view of eternal realities
The message at all funerals conducted by a minister of the church will always be a message of hope, a hope founded on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead
Rev Brian Hall

Vicar, St Andrew’s Church


published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine


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