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From the Vicarage May 2021

Rev JemmaSander-Heys



Hello friends,

I'm writing this May article in mid-April and I can tell you that I am looking forward to the warmth of the coming month as only within the last week we had snow and hail and freezing temperatures! But in May we should be safely into mild weather, so that the flowers can bloom and the birds nest in peace. I love the spring weather and the fresh smell of warm new plants, so the next couple of months are probably my favourite in the year - before the sun begins to scorch the earth too hotly and dry out the grass
This time last year my family and I were just starting to really enjoy long walks in the beautiful scenery around Great Yarmouth, the birds really thrived in 2020 as the reduced traffic and air pollution meant their songs could be heard widely and their flightpaths were unimpeded
This year will be potentially more lovely as background levels of anxiety about relatives' health is much reduced now that so many people have been vaccinated. One can quite understand how in medieval times, after a bout of the plague had ravaged the land, communities would build new chapels and dedicated beautiful things in thanks to God - there is just such a sense of hopefulness in the fresh start!
But hope goes hand in hand with hard work - so I will be rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck into the daily life of ministry, which always seems to involve more chair-shifting and cleaning than one trains for. The challenge will be to balance doing lots of things again, with stopping to appreciate God's creation... as W.H. Davies wrote: 'What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare'... I hope that you and I and our families will manage to find that balance this spring, of gradually taking up activities, and also stopping just to appreciate existence - there is much joy in a slower pace of life!   
Revd Jemma
also published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


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