Christians ARISE! first meeting was great success

18th August 2020

This event, which included praise, worship, preaching, prayer, and fellowship, was run by the Upper Room Christian Fellowship and Green Pastures Fellowship Great Yarmouth, and took place in the town’s Bure Park


Organiser Alan Ward said "This meeting was a great success!  
Many Christians meeting for the first time in years!  
New acquaintances from different church backgrounds, agreed to work together for the kingdom of God in Great Yarmouth.  “We want to work with you” was one response, and when the question was asked, “shall we continue next week?”  There was a resounding “yes!”

So, we will be continuing the meetings as a gospel service, each Saturday, 2pm - 5pm, continuing until and including Saturday 26th of September, and are inviting people from non-church backgrounds as well as churches from the borough and beyond

CHRISTIANS ARISE 08-2020C“This is our time, God has called us for such a time as this”, was preached, to bring the full gospel to the full borough including all villages

The plan is for attendees to invite 10 people to come each week, to bring a seat, and a packed tea
Toilet facilities are provided on site, and no charge is made for the meetings

Please pray that revival will come to the people of Great Yarmouth"


For more information, please phone Alan Ward on 07952 585 603




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