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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 22/09/2019

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 22nd September

Heavenly Father, in maths we are told there is an answer, a solution, to every problem, the problem is solved. When I come to You with my problem, my sin, and offer it to You, looking for an answer, I find You have worked out the answer, provided the solution, and it is Jesus on the cross. It is this equation: My Sin + Jesus = Forgiveness
It may seem simple, but of course it isn't. It is sin that has broken this world, it is sin that has broken my life, it is sin that has broken every life, so to bring about the repair, forgiveness, to balance the scales, the greatest price had to be paid, the life of Your Only Son
When we pray the confession in church it is followed by the absolution; when praying yesterday I thought You said to me "This is the Abba-solution! My solution, the blood of Jesus, Abba-solves you of your sins".  When my sin is given to Jesus He washes it away and it does not count against me any more
You do not hold it against me any more so the enemy cannot do so either; the accuser cannot press charges against me. When I hear people agree with something that has been said, I often hear the person who agrees say "Absolutely!" When You forgive me, Your forgiveness is absolute, it is total.  If I ask You, "Am I really forgiven?" I hear Your reply "Absolutely! Abba-solutely!"
Thank You Father for providing the answer. Thank You for the solution, the blood of Jesus, which purifies us from our sin. Help me to share this with others, to tell of Your great sacrifice, Your solution, Jesus

Saturday 21st September

Heavenly Father, I know there are many people who suffer from anxiety and it affects not only the way they think, the way they see things, the way they live, even their bodies react with physical symptoms, possibly headaches, stomach aches, feeling sick, gasping for breath, heart murmurs and chest pains, debilitating tiredness, and panic attacks
Help me to spread the Word, to spread Jesus. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus". If You are for us, who can be against us? You certainly aren't, You gave us Your Son, Jesus, so we cannot be separated from Your love. Trouble, hardship, persecution, famine, nakedness, danger, even a sword; nothing in all creation can separate us from Your love in Jesus. Not even death nor life, not even angels or demons, no powers can get in the Way You have given us
Father I like the word ‘transcend’. When You lift us up we rise above any situation, see it from a different perspective, Your point of view. Help me to trust You and Your Word, to see things as You see them. Breathe Your breath into me, fill my lungs as I breathe deeply and calm all my fears. The enemy would have me believe everything is hopeless, but You are my hope; You are our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. You tell us we are more than conquerors! Let anxiety be conquered


Friday 20th September

Heavenly Father, thank You for caretakers, those people, often in blue overalls who take care of things for us. If something needs fixing at work I go to the caretaker. Often seen with a large bunch of keys they will open up buildings for the workers, oversee the cleaning and repairs, as well making sure everything is safe and secure. Caretakers seem to be there first thing in the morning and last thing at night!
Thank You Father for Jesus, the caretaker of my soul, Alpha and Omega, He is with me when I rise and when I go to bed, as well as throughout the day
Lord Jesus when something is wrong with me I can go to You knowing that You will have everything I need; nothing is too big or too small because You care about every aspect of my life:

When things in my life are broken You have the tools to bring about restoration;
When I seem to be locked out, unable to get into the Throne Room to meet the Father, You show me the unlocked door so I can enter;
When I find myself with a load of rubbish, in my mind, my heart, my soul You come and take it away and provide me with a clean mind, heart and soul

Thank You, that even though You have the very nature of God, You did not seek equality with God but instead You made Yourself nothing, taking on the very nature of a servant, becoming one of us, human, a caretaker, taking care of souls. I can only achieve what I am asked to do, make disciples, because You enable it. Open up the Way today so I can take care, live and work to Your praise and glory. Thank You

Thursday 19th September

Heavenly Father, thank You for letting us know how the Ethiopian official received Salvation, through reading Your Word and asking questions, through the conversation with Philip and the subsequent baptism. We know he went on his way joyfully and that Philip went on to preach the gospel in Azotus and on into Caesarea
I prayed how simple it sounds, but this is the end of the story and, of course, there is so much we don't know. There may have been many battles along the way, many links in the chain of events that led the official to Jerusalem:
We know he went to worship, but we don't know why?

Was he seeking forgiveness, seeking You?
Had he been instructed to go there, was he reluctant?
Was he reading Isaiah because he had picked up a souvenir for his master?

I guess there is always a chain of events that leads to a person being where they are, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and ready to hear and receive the good news of Salvation through Jesus.  I suppose the Ethiopian may have been waiting for years to go to Jerusalem or it may have been the first thing he did in his 'job'
Father, I guess I may be any link in the chain of events, at the start, in the middle of years of searching or right at the end, seeing someone receive Jesus as Saviour. Help me to remember that every step is important and that, even though I may not be the final link, everything I do with You is worthwhile; nothing is wasted, You have a purpose
Thank You that I know Jesus through a chain of events that led to my salvation

Wednesday 18th September

Heavenly Father, thank You that when Philip met the Ethiopian official spoken of in the book of Acts, they had both been guided by You!
The Ethiopian had been guided to Jerusalem to worship and, when on his way home, was prompted to stop and read the passage of Scripture from Isaiah that spoke prophetically about Jesus as the Lamb. Philip had been guided by the Holy Spirit to the road on which the Ethiopian was travelling and told to stand close to the chariot where he was reading. Philip engaged in conversation and explained about Jesus; there and then the Ethiopian believed in Jesus and was baptised!
You were the God of there and then, just as You are the God of here and now. Father, how simple that sounds, follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit to where He leads
How simple that sounds, believe and be baptised, go rejoicing
Father help me to do in the here and now what I have heard about in the there and then. You do not change, Your Holy Spirit does not change, what was true then is true now. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever; He does not change
Holy Spirit, guide me, show me where to go today so that in the here and now I may explain something about Jesus, about Your love and sacrifice, bring someone to baptism and go rejoicing
Philip did as he was told, he went and made a disciple; help us to do the same today
Lord Jesus, someone, somewhere, is waiting to meet with You today; send someone, somewhere to explain and lead someone to baptism in the here and now. Thank You


Tuesday 17th September

Heavenly Father, help me to remember that I do not walk alone, that I never walk alone, but that You are with me
Help me to hold on to Your promise that You will never leave me, nor forsake me, but that You are with me and will be with me even to the ends of the earth
Your promise that You would send another Advocate, the Holy Spirit, has been fulfilled and He is with me forever
Your promise is that when we receive the Spirit we will receive power from on high, the same power, 'dunamis,' dynamite that raised Jesus from the dead
You do not give us a Spirit of fear making us timid; You give us a Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. You tell me not to conform to the pattern of this world, to live as this world expects, but to trust You and to be transformed by the renewing of my mind so I can test and approve Your will, Your good, pleasing, and perfect will
Lord Jesus, You can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine, according to Your power at work within us, and all to Your glory
Father, even now, at this very moment, as I sit with You, praying, Your Holy Spirit is accomplishing more than I can even begin to imagine; minds are being transformed and lives are being changed all over the world. Relationships are being restored, families reunited, marriages are being reconciled, and so much more, even whole communities are being delivered
Thank You for reminding me that You are always at work, even while we sleep. May I get a glimpse of Your Spirit at work today, every day! Thank You


Monday 16th September

Heavenly Father, thank You for taking me on as a disciple. I know I am still wearing L plates and will be for the rest of my days here on earth
Thank You for being patient with me
Thank You for being such a great teacher!
Thank You for revealing little by little what You want me to know, helping me to understand just a little more each time You speak by Your Spirit and by Your Word
Thank You for sending Your Spirit to be my life-long guide and mentor. I know there is always more to learn about love, about grace, about forgiveness, about sacrifice, about everything! I know I also need to keep revising what You have taught me previously as I far too easily forget!  "Show me Your ways Lord, teach me Your paths. Guide me in Your Truth and teach me, for You are God my Saviour, and my hope is in You all day long"
Open my eyes, my ears, my heart to receive from You today. I may not be able to see You face-to-face, but You can always speak to me heart-to-heart. Head knowledge is good, but heart knowledge is better
Help me to go through each day singing "I did it Your Way!" My way would be one full of regrets, more than a few, far too many to mention
Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me. Your Way is the best Way, the right Way, the only Way. Let Your Word be a lamp to my feet, showing me the Way
Open Your Word on the page You want to teach from so I learn all that You want me to know and understand because Your love is better than life, so my lips can glorify You. Thank You


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