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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 26/08/2018

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 26th August

Heavenly Father, thank You for the lineage that lies behind me, from the time of Christ to the present day, or at least to the day I came to know Christ
I don't mean my ancestors, although I am thankful for them too, without them I wouldn't be here. I mean my spiritual ancestors, the people who passed on the Word, the Good News, the Gospel, one person after another, leading people to Christ and giving their lives to You until eventually somewhere along the line I too heard and believed that Jesus is Your Son, and my Saviour
Perhaps one day, like on Match of the Day, there will be a final analysis and You will show me the line of spiritual descent so I see whether I was led to Christ by someone in the line from Thomas, or Simon Peter, or Matthew, or John, or one of the other disciples or one of the others who witnessed Your life and resurrection. Only You know how I came to be Your child
 It is not a random coincidence but a part of Your plan. Each one who was born again gave birth to others, born again of Your Spirit until one day I too was born again and found the Truth, found the Word, found the Way, found the Life, the Spirit made me alive in Christ and everything changed, including my destiny and my final destination. One day I will meet with You face to face and You can introduce me to each person who was saved by grace until I too was saved

Thank You for saving me, what can I say? Just thank You, and I will pass on the Word


Saturday 25th August

Heavenly Father, thank You for creation.  Thank You for Your infinite design and imagination.  Thank You for allowing us the privilege to be part of the process of creation, that we were, and are, children who grow to be creative
Things we say or do make a difference, even though often we know nothing about our contribution.  Something we pray, something we write or do, someone we speak to or teach, goes on a path only You can see and becomes a link in a chain of events, a chain reaction leading to a new creation, a solution to a problem, a blessing to someone down the line
Not everything we do is good, we make an almighty mess of things which need an Almighty God to make amends, to mend for us and bring about good.  Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave but in time he became the solution to their problem.  "What you meant for evil God meant for good" he told them
So, shall we go on sinning?  We are told definitely not!  Our sin blocks and hinders Your good purposes and causes distress.  God is in good, evil is in the devil.  Let our good works be seen by people so they will praise and worship You.  

May my actions today cause reactions through You, may I create today to affect creation through You.  May what I do today be taken by You to do far more than I can ever imagine.  My reaction to Your action: Good God! You are amazing!


Friday 24th August

Heavenly Father, a few years ago on Radio 2, each morning on the Jimmy Young Show, the question was asked "What's the recipe today, Jim?" There then followed a new recipe each day. There are many cookery programmes on TV today demonstrating all kinds of recipes

A question most of us will ask today is "What’s for lunch?"  Jesus said that we should not worry about what will eat or drink but that we should first seek Your Kingdom and Your righteousness and then all other things will follow.  So the question I ask You is "What have got in store for me today? What is on Your menu?"  You tell me that You have good works planned for me to do, so I ask You what are these good works?

  • Perhaps You want me to offer others the fruit of Your Spirit?

  • Am I called to be particularly patient with someone, to offer an act of kindness, to show goodness to another?

  • Perhaps You want me to be joyful in difficult circumstances?

  • Despite provocation You may ask me to control myself and be gentle

  • Even though someone may let me down You ask me to be faithful

  • You may ask me to be a peace maker when there is discord

  In everything that comes my way You ask me to live in Your Way, adding to all these things Your love.  Help me to see what is on Your menu today and to feed one or two, or even 5,000 if You ask.  Thank You for Your limitless provision in Jesus

Thursday 23rd August

Heavenly Father, sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that a problem we face is beyond our control, outside of our influence, we simply do not have the ability or power to do anything about it.  It may be something on a national or international scale, but often it is something within our own lives, a relationship, work, family, even within church; we just cannot sort it, there is nothing we can do
You say "Be still, and know that I AM God".  I have to remember that there is a God, and it is not me!  A chain of events perhaps days ago, weeks ago, months ago, even years ago was set in motion by You and will come to fruition today.  We do not see the whole series of occurrences and may think it a coincidence but it is not to You, it is part of Your plan for someone, somewhere
A person meets a person, a conversation ensues, a mindset is changed and a problem is solved, a situation changes and the impossible becomes possible.  Some may think this is ridiculous, but Your greatest plan, the plan of Salvation is still bearing fruit today, and it is no coincidence, it just takes time
Be still and see what the Lord can do. "Let us pray..."  Yes, let us pray, be still and see what the Lord can do.  You start the answers to our prayers long before we pray them.  Thank You for the depth of Your love shown in the plan started at the birth, on the cross, at the Resurrection, through Jesus


Wednesday 22nd August

Heavenly Father, there are so many sayings that we use which often reveal something to us about You.  Songs, hymns, spiritual songs, verses of scripture, lines from poems, lines from plays, books or films can so often remind us of an aspect of Your character, Your plan, Your Way.  One phrase in particular strikes me as so true: "Like Father, like Son"
Jesus is exactly the same as You in character, behaviour, speech, mannerisms, actions; and yet, despite being in very nature God, He did not use this to His own advantage, but made Himself nothing and took on the nature of a servant, humbled Himself and was obedient, doing everything You asked of Him, even going to the cross
The same is true today, so often sons and daughters are like fathers and/or mothers, taking on their characteristics but the problem is that we, unlike You, are not perfect.  Our imperfections are passed down as well as anything good; nature and nurture are both at work
Lord God, I give my children permission to reject any and every aspect of my character that is not honouring to You and ask that You guide them in the Way everlasting that they would be more like Jesus and less like me
Another old advert: "It's the fish John West rejects that make John West the best!"  It is also the sin we reject that makes us the best we can be.  May our love for You be passed down to thousands of generations in nature and nurture


Tuesday 21st August

Heavenly Father, I have had to do far more cooking recently and I have found that if I follow a recipe exactly, with the right ingredients in the right amount, and using the right method, then everything I have attempted has worked out fairly well
I found out years ago, I would actually say that You revealed to me, that if I used the right ingredients and the right method I could also create a piece of music in a particular style, in many different styles. This served me well in both composing music and also in teaching others to compose
You have given us the recipe for living life to the full, You have given us the ingredients and the method and clearly demonstrated through Jesus how life can be lived to Your glory
Many people, including the disciples thought this was a recipe for disaster, and everyone thought You had failed, Jesus had failed, as He went to the cross and was buried. But just as what is put in the oven and what comes out can be very different so it is that what was put in the tomb and what came out were very different; Jesus resurrected, appearing to the disciples in a locked room, sending the Holy Spirit
Your Way, Jesus Way is not a recipe for disaster but a recipe for an abundant life, a miraculous life, a glorious life. Help me to follow Your recipe and see the results every day. Thank You for the Bread of Life


Monday 20th August

Heavenly Father, I prayed throughout yesterday asking you to end the drought or the flood which is happening in different parts of the world.  There are other droughts and floods which are causing massive problems all over the world, but nothing to do with the weather or climate
The lack of Your Word reaching people, the Truth, Jesus preached through lives that speak out, means there is a drought, there is a thirst for Jesus which is not met because I rein You in, keep You within; therefore hearts are hardened, lives are dry and dusty, You do not reign in people's lives because Your Spirit does not rain in us and through us
Forgive us for not reaching out to those around us, for not living lives that bring a flow of Your Spirit, refreshing the hardened heart, making it soft and ready to receive
There is a different problem where there is a flood, where we live in luxury and drown in the excess.  We may know all about Jesus, but do not reach out to others, content with what we have we believe we have no need for You, no need for Jesus and Your Spirit is ignored
Forgive us for relying on what we have, content that we know about Jesus, but not living like Jesus and reaching out to those around us.  Let Your Living Water flow over my soul, a steady stream to end the drought and the flood.  Forgive me, reign in me, rain in me



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