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Share-a-Prayer 05/06/2018 

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Heavenly Father, You are constantly creative. Every day You are doing something new. Every day, You give new mercies because great is Your faithfulness
The manna in the desert only lasted for a day, You provided new manna each morning; so it is with You that You are always giving us Bread to feed on, new nourishment. Jesus, the Bread of Life gives us something to chew on every day, something to dwell upon, to ruminate on, and to cogitate on!
Even though the Word was there at the beginning, we find new things every day as You open our eyes to new wonders, new glories, fresh insights and revelations. Our understanding, our comprehension of the depth of Your love, shown in Jesus’ life and death, is continually growing, even though it can never fully be understood
Thank You that today I can see a little more, understand a little more, grow a little more. Thank You that today I can give a little more, love a little more, trust a little more, have a little more faith. You are the King of all creation, the King of kings and Lord of lords
Open my eyes again so I can see Jesus, follow Him and do those new things He would have me do. Help me to never lose my Loaf but to hold on to Him, to feed on Him in my heart and mind every day, and may my soul be nourished by Him. Amen


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