Hope Church closes but mission to carry on 

DAVE WEEKSDave Weeks, Pastor of Hope Church in Great Yarmouth, has decided to retire.  He says he has been thinking and praying about it for some time now and believes now is the right time for him to do so.  He has been in ministry in one form or another for over thirty years, and will be the grand old age of 68 this year
When he came back from holiday earlier this year he knew he just didn’t want to do this anymore.  At that time, he stepped back quite a bit, relying on others in the church to take responsibility for all their meetings which they were happy to do, while he oversaw them

However, there was no one in the congregation who felt it right to take over so they have taken the decision to close Hope Church and disperse to other churches in the area

Dave says “As for me, I intend to have a period of rest to recharge my batteries. I will use the time to get out on my bike, get my paints out again, spend some time trying to hit a golf ball in a straight line, spend more time with family, and work through the list of jobs Jill has written out for me!”

“Although I have been pastor of Hope Church my main gifting is that of an evangelist. I still have a heart for the people of Great Yarmouth and come the spring I will start reaching out to the people of the town once again, hopefully taking people from some of the churches out with me”

“It is clearly a new season for me and I am excited to see what God has in store for me in both the short and long term”