Great Yarmouth Minster taking special measures to avoid difficult World Cup conundrum 

9th January 2018
David Hannant, Yarmouth Mercury, reports

MINSTER-WORLD CUP james bass-a

Great Yarmouth Minster Preservation Trust has taken measures to avoid its events clashing with England World Cup games. Picture: James Bass/Adam Davy

For many people, football and religion are one and the same - both of them demand faith, devotion and time

With both so demanding, the occasional conflict can arise, in which difficult choices must be made

However, the preservation trust of the Great Yarmouth Minster has taken measures to ensure its faithful will not have to make this tough decision - particularly during a World Cup year

The events section of trust’s latest meeting agenda contains all the dates and potential dates of England World Cup fixtures - a guideline for its members to follow when organising its summer programme

Paul Davies, chairman of the trust said: “We’ve been caught out in the past - in 2016 we booked soprano Hayley Moss to perform on the same day Andy Murray was in the final of Wimbledon

“We are a sport mad nation, so we are carefully planning ahead this time”