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Unite's prayer update for February 2017 

 “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you”  John 15 v 16

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pray365 logoThe start of this new year has already been a real mixture but the encouragements certainly outweigh the discouragements. Staff Conference in Manchester, where 400 YFC workers, volunteers and trustees get together to re-connect, re-envision and support each other. This year was a time of building us up and inspiring us with great talks from Stephen Gaukroger and others about Unity and being part of one body, across the nations, serving together for the glory of God. A real sense of family was the lasting impression of the week with a focus on intentional prayer as the #pray365 initiative was launched where we dedicate ourselves and our centres to intentional, committed, persistent prayer for the year of 2017


UNITE PEOPLEJanuary was another great month at the Youth Café, getting to know the young people who come regularly to enjoy the company and interaction with each other and the volunteers. And another great month of testimonies of God’s provision. On the third week back, three of our seven regular volunteers weren’t able to be at the cafe. However, as usual, nothing surprises our Father and He already had plans in place, because Katerina, the new leader of the Salvation Army Corps in Gt Yarmouth, was very interested in seeing what happens at the café and how it runs, so she was more than willing to step into the breach and come to assist. As well as her involvement, we were also blessed to welcome Trisha back again. Edward, who is on the team leading Stand with Grace this year brought a new energy to the kitchen and jumped in with both feet, quickly getting to know the names of the young people as they tested his knowledge of Youtubers! All three blended in as part of this amazing team God has given us to serve Him and the young people of the town. We continually thank God for His protection and peace over the café, as 20+ young people in a small environment could be a very different story. Just last week one of the lads angrily marched in straight up to another lad and confronted him very aggressively about something that had happened between their two families over Facebook during the week. As a team we pray at the beginning of every session for peace and protection (as well as other things) over the young people and we believe that it is God’s peace that reigns in situations like this, as th e angry lad’s fury dissipated in front of Ali’s eyes as she discussed with them both, the consequences of different courses of action they could take. The whole atmosphere of the café that week was incredible – fun and good natured; even the two who are often quite disruptive were calm and interactive. It is also because we have enough volunteers to engage with the young people at the different activities that we are able to develop relationships with them, so please continue to thank Him for His protection over the regular volunteers – Grace, Louise, Livvy, Ali, Sadie, John, Michelle, Joe – that they are well and able to come every week. Please continue to pray for these young people, that they will know why we are different; just the fact that we want to engage with them and are interested in them



Thank you for your prayers for Stand. One of the changes the young people requested in their feedback last term was to change the time from evening to lunchtime, so now we are meeting from 1pm – 3pm. If you know anyone of college age who would like to join us, please get in touch on 07733 143660 or




One of the highlights of the year, however, is coming up this month. February 4th sees the return of The Sense and Stance to Great Yarmouth.  They will be leading worship on 5th at Park Baptist Church as there is a connection there - Claire Timothy’s brother Nathan is the drummer this doing a year out with the band



We are particularly excited as this is the first time the new Inspiration Trust staff at the school will have seen the band and experienced what they bring to the school environment. Please thank God for the deputy head teacher, Mrs Galloway who works over and above her normal workload in order to organise the timetables and logistics for the week-long visit. She also has to inspire support from the teachers to attend the gig on Thursday evening. The pupils look forward to coming back to the school after tea to hear the band perform their favourite requests as well as some “covers”. The evening also includes a short talk on the reason we are Christians and how Jesus’ love changes our lives, giving the pupils the chance to respond to that message


Please join us in thanking God yet again for His faithful provision; we have been in sporadic contact with a family from one of the local churches over the last ten years through the generations of young people. However, as always, His timing is perfect and just as we are beginning to work more closely with this family, the team at The Sense has almost doubled in size, meaning we have to find an extra five beds this year. Again, God has it in hand – the family own a large house where they can host six of the team! Isn’t He just awesome?


We still need to feed the team on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so if you are able to serve Him in this way, please let us know ASAP on or 07733 143660


youth evangelism conference

We are also excited about the Youth Evangelism Conference being hosted by Cambridge YFC; 


“One day to inspire leaders to greater confidence in reaching young people. Bringing together creative thinkers, experienced leaders, cultural analysts and passionate evangelists, with one aim: seeing this nation transformed by the grace and power of Jesus Christ”




As part of our investment into the young people from Stand six of us will be going along to hear JJohn, Andy Hawthorne and others as they share and encourage us to live life to the full in Jesus

People often ask us “What does Unite actually DO?”
If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church to update you in person about the work of Unite, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you 

We are trying to meet with different church families each month as we pray together rather than overloading full diaries with even more meeting times. If you could email with your prayer meeting dates, it will be a privilege to join you

Thank you for your support and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in these communities around us

Alison and the trustees


Regular commitments for February 2017:

Wednesday 1st
Dinner Hall
Youth Café Praise God for these lovely young people
Thursday 2nd
Dinner Hall
Stand leaders prayer meeting
Saturday 4th
The Sense and Stance arrive and set up at Park Baptist Church
Sunday 5th
The Sense and Stance at Park Baptist Church. Pray for the young people from youth clubs and Stand who come to this service today
Monday 6th – Friday 10th
The Sense and Stance in Gt Yarmouth High School
Wednesday 8th
Dinner Hall with team members from The Sense and Stance
Youth Café Pray for conversations with the members of Stance and The Sense about why they do what they do and how Jesus changes their lives
Thursday 9th
Dinner Hall with team members from The Sense and Stance
The Gig Please pray for the young people to engage with the message tonight. Pray that they will not fear their friends’ reactions if they respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Pray for energy and good health for The Sense and Stance; these weeks are full timetables of energetic dance and performing for all of them and are exhausting
Friday 10th
Youth Connect As Stance and The Sense stay in town after school to meet up with some of the young people at Emmanuel church’s group “Youth Connect”, please pray for patience and grace at the end of a full week and for travelling mercies as both teams travel long distances tonight
Monday 13th – Friday 17th
HALF TERM Please pray for refreshing and revitalising of the school staff. They work extremely hard and for long days and are still in the throes of transitioning to Academy status, with all the changes that entails. As we have some time off please pray for vision for the development of God’s work in the town and the provision of another worker
Sunday 19th
Encounter and Identity. We are looking forward to working with Identity to give the young leaders from Stand the opportunity to develop their gifts as they serve Identity and the young people of Gorleston in planning and delivering this event together. Please pray for inspiration and God’s guidance for the future of this group
Tuesday 21st
Room 6
Trustees Meeting Pray for the trustees, Ali, Matt, Richard and Nigel as we meet together to plan the way forward and for us to hear Him as He gives His vision for this work. Thank Him for His protection and good health for the trustees
Wednesday 22nd
Dinner Hall
Youth Café Pray for a hunger in the young people to know about Jesus
Thursday 23rd
Dinner Hall
Stand leaders prayer meeting Pray for Eddie and Grace as they plan the Stand talks. Both of them have severe family situations to cope with and lots of uncertainty. Please pray for peace and comfort for them and their families
Saturday 25th
Youth Evangelism Conference Thank God for JJohn, Andy Hawthorne and the other speakers at this YFC conference in Cambridge. Pray for all the young leaders who are going; that they will be inspired by the Holy Spirit and by God’s vision for their futures. Pray for travelling mercies
Tuesday 28th
Room 6