Action Zones 

God is moving in Emmanuel Church 

Emmanuel Church held a healing meeting in June and is planning to hold one each month, God is moving mightily and we are expectant of great things as God pours out great grace upon His people. Here are some examples from June’s meeting:

  • Anna had suffered from years of depression after her mother died and life was lifeless, she was able to laugh and cry and have her faith restored after hearing the Bible message and receiving ministry.   She has been offered further support.  Aaron - in his 80’s had suffered years of high blood pressure which resisted treatment – after ministry in prayer he now has papers  from the surgery showing his blood pressure has returned to well inside the normal range.  John needed to have a surgical wound dressed repeatedly for years as it failed to heal, after prayer the wound closed up and he no longer needs the nursing care.  Partial deafness has been healed

  • There are several truly ‘block-buster’ healings to relate – I will mention one.  A young lady was hospitalised with a crippling stroke and hemi-paralysis.  Urgent believing prayer in the name above all names - Jesus, Yeshua ha Messiah resulted in complete healing 20 minutes after the doctor had recorded all the classic indicators of stroke.  Full health has continued

To make this healing ministry available to all, a monthly healing service will be held

The next will be


Friday July 3rd 7.00pm


Emmanuel Church
Northgate Street
Great Yarmouth
NR30 1BA

all are welcome to come along

[*names have been changed]