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Thanks for all your prayers


Hi everyone

Alison RobertsI just wanted to thank you for all the cards, messages, food parcels, prayers, texts and gifts you’ve sent, since my brain haemorrhage last month; thank you so much. Mum has done a wonderful job of looking after me over the past 9 days and she has now gone home to Norwich. I am very grateful that the bleed was from a vein and not from an artery which has meant (among other things) that my recovery and long term effects are much less severe than they might have been


I have been completely blessed by God through the love of so many friends and Christian brothers/sisters as well as my amazing family


God has shown me so much during the last 12 days and twice in particular (during the initial journey to Addenbrookes and again throughout the angiogram) I felt cocooned in His protective embrace. Thank you for your prayers which have upheld me. I am still physically weaker than normal and get tired and achy in the evenings but I am thankful that I have no pain and I’m well on the road to recovery

Thank you
Every time I think of you I thank God – Phil 1 v 3