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Prayer for Revival meetings changes

Dave Weeks,
Pastor, New Life Church, Great Yarmouth

Two years ago there was, I believe, a clear word from God that an awakening was going to come to Norwich and this region. To this end Prayer for Revival meetings began in Norwich and here in Great Yarmouth. We have held these meetings monthly for the last two years and they have been excellent times, not only for praying for a move of God in our Borough, but helping to promote unity among Christians and churches in the area


In recent months, partly as a result of these meetings, there has been a growing sense of not just praying for revival, our churches, our church leaders, our Council, schools, colleges etc but also of the prospect of working together in possible community outreach projects, where we could see our unity work out in practice as we sought to reach out to meet certain needs in our community with the love of God


I believe we have made much progress in the last two years and am keen to build on that. I am excited about the future and believe God has great things in store for Great Yarmouth

However in recent days I have been considering whether we should continue with the same format. It has been very difficult for some church leaders to attend on Monday evenings and of those who do attend they cannot make every meeting. Although I have found myself fronting these times my heart is to include as many others who would like to share in this initiative


As well as leading New Life Church I have also been, very active in pursuing the potential joint outreach projects, liaising with other church leaders in the Borough as well as various agencies in the Town


Therefore, having chatted these things over with other church leaders, and to take some of the weight off the old shoulders, we have decided to push the 'pause button' and re-look at how we go forward. At this point we have suggested that we will spread the Prayer for Revival meetings out and to hold them once a quarter. Ideally we would also like to hold them in different centres and on different days so that those who may not have been able to join us on a Monday may then be free to do so. There would be more time to plan these events and get others involved. If more people do want to be involved we may well be able to return to our monthly format, which I know was a real blessing to many

I did explain much of this during our December meeting and mentioned that our next event will probably be at the beginning of March. When we know more details we will let everyone know

As I am sure we are all aware there are very definite seasons in church life, and sometimes God pulls us up to cause us to rethink and seek Him, not necessarily to stop totally what we are doing but to see how He wants us to move on with Him to even greater things. I believe, along with others, that this is such a time

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has attended Prayer for Revival at any time over the last two years for doing so, and would ask that although we may not be meeting so often – please keep praying for revival and for God to show us the way forward, not only as individual churches but as THE church in the Borough, especially in the area of unity and working together