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Wonderful news, but your prayers please

BEBE GRACEBebe Grace Bensley was born on Wednesday 14th August; 8 weeks early and weighing just 3lb. Her mum, Louise, and partner James were overjoyed.  However, Bebe had to be in special care until she reached a viable weight.  Louise and James asked for prayers for all three of them
On 16th September, the news was Bebe was doing great; she then weighed 3lb 12oz, and was in an open cot. Louise and James were very happy parents.  Louise and James felt very blessed and thankful for all the prayer received.  Louise and James then started visiting the Chapel in JPUH to pray for Bebe and to give thanks to the Big Man upstairs
On 20th September, the news was Bebe Grace was home!!! Please continue your prayers for Bebe (and her parents)!!  Every day for this family is a blessing..