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Plea to pray on Norwich streets after murder

StreetPastorsWebStreet Pastors in Norwich have reacted to the local murder of businessman Frank McGarahan by organising an opportunity for local people to express their support and hope for peace on the city centre streets.
Norfolk Street Pastors co-ordinator Val Dodsworth has issued a call for Christians and others to join together to walk and pray in the city centre and the Guild Hall area where the murder took place.
Val said: “We feel we want to be involved because we spend Friday and Saturday nights on the city streets and also that the church should respond to this terrible event to show that we care about what happens to our city and to its people. We want to help bring the peace of God’s love to the streets.
“When we are out and about on the late-night streets in Norwich, we see lots of disturbed and distressed people, especially when drink is involved. But I don’t think that any of our Street Pastors have ever felt scared to go onto the streets and our presence there is aimed at making everyone feel safer and diffusing tension. It is no more scary that it was before this horrible incident.”
If you would like to join the prayer walk, it will take place from 6-8pm on Tuesday October 7 outside the Guild Hall, by the plaque dedicated to Thomas Bilney. They will remain in that area for the two hours. For more details contact Val on 01603 472753.

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