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Miracle on Great Yarmouth Seafront

Thanks for all those who prayed for our ministry trip to Great Yarmouth, we had an amazing time.

For those who don't know we were asked by a New Frontiers Church, Kings Church - Great Yarmouth, to go on the Saturday onto
the streets and then I spoke at the church service on the Sunday.

The trip started with a bang when we stopped off on the way to event and my eldest son Sam and I saw a woman outside the Little Chef. I saw
that she had a stick and felt God wanted me to pray for her. For confirmation I asked God to get her to talk to me. The next thing I know she broke into
conversation with me and after a 2-3 minute chat I asked if I could pray for her arthritis. She was a bit surprised but said yes so Sam and I laid hands on her and prayed for healing. The power of God came upon her and she said the leg was much , much better. Although she wasn't totally healed, at that point in time, she was healed to the point where she didn't need her stick to walk. Praise God!

The Saturday afternoon was cold, but despite this the Lord spoke to several people who weathered the elements and stop to listen to the worship, dance and the prophetic words. One woman was healed of a chest infection and there were quite a few Words of Knowledge for people. At least one person became a Christian.

On the Sunday God moved in power and I know of at least one other person who became a Christian. Many, many people were touched by God, at one point of the service the vast majority of the Church was on the floor, laughing, crying or totally silenced by the presence of God. There was a definite sense of the Fear of the Lord within the place.

My favourite moment was when we prayed for a lady whadrain clarkeo had back pain. Andrea, my wife, is a physio and diagnosed as I prayed for her that she had schlerosis of the spine, which is a twisted spine.   Apparently there is no cure for this condition and over the course of praying for the lady three times she was totally, totally healed and grew about 2-3 inches!! For Andrea to see that with her medical knowledge was faith building in the extreme.

My two boys and Andrea were very much part of the team. They were moving in power too (the boys set the other children ablaze with excitement as they prayed for them). One boy who had a history of being very distant in the services fell over in the Spirit as my two boys prayed for him and then proceeded to bring all his siblings and friends up to be prayed for by my children, who all consequently were touched by God, I was so proud of my two boys particularly as they stepped out into their callings for being sons of thunder (our nickname for them given to us by the Lord).

Thanks again for your prayers, as always they are mighty and effective!
In the Father's Love
Adrian Clarke